Forensic Dentistry Courses

Our forensic dentistry courses are growing in popularity, and no wonder.

We’re giving dental nurses across the UK the chance to be a CSI for the day with our Forensic Dental Courses.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those dental nurses who are interested in the correct handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence.

You will be able to learn how dental evidence can be used to identify human remains, people in mass fatalities and how to assess bit mark injuries.

Choose from our Forensic Dentistry Courses

We offer two Forensic Dentistry courses, also known as Forensic Odontology. These are available online and in the classroom.

Forensic Dental Nurse Training in the Classroom


Our classroom forensic dentistry courses takes place at our HQ in Winnersh, Berkshire.

Once qualified, the possibilities are endless for your dental career.

Forensic dentists are required in all countries to provide key dental expertise and evidence to courts and legal systems, so you can become a professional worldwide!

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Forensic Dentistry Online

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Our new online forensic course offers something a little different.

This is for all those dental nurses who are fascinated by Forensic Odontology but are unable to travel to our training classes in Winnersh.

You will read about the decomposition of bodies, how to identify time of death and how to recognise people from their teeth alone.

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Good examples were used and all aspects of the subject covered.

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