Dental Nurse Training

If you’re passionate about dentistry and you’re looking to increase your knowledge, we highly recommend you stop by to view our dental nurse training courses.

Experience as a dental nurse can provide you with many progression opportunities. For those of you wishing to become a dental hygienist or dental therapist, our courses are a great way to gain the right experience and train to achieve those positions.

Dental nurse training tailored to you

With a broad range of dental training courses online, we’re confident that you will enjoy our courses. Dental training with Cavity is the way forward for budding and experienced dental nurses across the UK.

Whether you’re a trainee dental nurse, post-grad or full time nurse looking for refresher courses or to gain a diploma in dental nursing, we can help.

We’re confident we’ll have a course to fit with your preferred method of learning too. You can learn online, in our classroom or even in-house at your own dental practice.

Dental nurse training

Our range of dental nurse training courses

We run a range of training courses over a year. All of which are great for individuals and dental teams.

With a range of different teaching methods, we host online training, classroom courses, in-house dental training and an online annual CPD.

About our dental nurse training courses

Online dental training

We run dental training online through our online courses. Brilliant for busy dental professionals, you can learn anywhere with an internet connection. Start today by purchasing the online course suited to you and create your account!

Classroom dental nurse courses

Some people prefer to learn in the classroom where they can focus solely on the lesson without distractions. All of our courses are carried out at our HQ in Wokingham. Many of the courses run on a Saturday!

In-house dental nurse training

Sometimes online courses aren’t enough for the level of training you’re looking for. Many of our dental courses are available for professional in-house training.

These courses include cross infection control, medical emergencies, radiography, forensic dentistry and more.

For in-depth information regarding our in-house training courses, we recommend making contact with us by calling 01189 261533.

Have you got any questions?

To find out more about our dental nurse training courses, please get in touch with us.

We’re available by telephone on 01189 261533 and via email at

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