How to Become a Dental Nurse

If you’re considering the career move of becoming a Dental Nurse, then there are a few skills and qualifications you must acquire along the way.

Qualifications to be a Dental Nurse

There isn’t a specific educational expectation for dental nurses – it’s not a necessity to graduate university or college. However, there are other dental qualifications you need to have under your belt to become a qualified dental nurse.

You can study the courses needed on a part or full-time basis with our help here at Cavity Dental Training. We offer an array of courses for training dental nurses all of which, when completed, will give you the knowledge and tools essential to become a dental nurse.

You will need to train to be a dental nurse, which is why we offer online training, distance learning, classroom teaching and in-house training.

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become a dental nurse

What is the role of a Dental Nurse?

Dental nurses work alongside dentists to assist them with the care of a patient. Whether that is to complete a check-up or see patients through an operation, the dental nurse is relied upon to be the dentist’s assistant.

Dental nurses can work in a general practice, a hospital and even the armed forces.

Some of the duties that a dental nurse will need to carry out include:

  • Sterilising and arranging equipment for the surgery beforehand.
  • Ensuring the Dentist has everything they need during any appointment.
  • Caring for patients.
  • Recording the information of each case – even the dentist’s notes.
  • Using dental tools to support the dentist – this includes but isn’t limited to removing saliva from a patient’s mouth whilst the Dentist is at work.

The typical character of a Dental Nurse

An extremely important aspect of dental nursing is your character. You must be someone who doesn’t mind the sight of someone’s mouth – whatever its condition. As a dental nurse you will be exposed to some sights, but it’s your duty to be professional and caring at all times.

The character of dental nurse should be:

  • Calm, friendly and reassuring for patients.
  • Great verbal communication with everyone of any age.
  • Extremely organised.
  • Interested in oral health.

Become a dental nurse

Experience and knowledge are key to becoming a dental nurse.

You can become a dental nurse by gaining experience with a practice that hired you as a trainee dental nurse, or by studying and completing the relevant dental nurse courses – which we provide here at Cavity!

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